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Trekking is absolute fun and if you haven’t tried it before then you must do it now.


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We would say that hiking is the best sport as it is not just fun also a healthy thing to do.


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Not all places can give you the best kayaking experience, but this place does.


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Road Cycling Tips for Beginners


The number of people who ride bicycles and bikes or any basic two wheelers are increasing day by day in America and the entire world. There is a global scare about how warming and pollution of different kinds are ruining the kind of environment we inhabit, and if we do not take steps in the correct way, then the damage will be irreversible. If there are a certain set of people who wish to contribute to the Earth by riding bikes or just do it for the sake of their health, then it should be appreciated and helped. Here are the set of tips that could be followed by a cyclist to keep the experience safe as well as enjoyable.

Head protection

This point goes without saying as about 60 percent of all deaths during cycling have head injuries as the common thread. It is a smart move to wear a helmet provided you do not want to be added to that statistic!

Bike fit should be proper

A bike which fits your personality and body will definitely make the ride not just more enjoyable but also easier. The general pain and soreness can easily be avoided by doing so.

Correct type of saddle must be used

A huge difference in the riding experience is observed the moment you change the type of saddle you’ve thought of using. The padding which is the thickest may not be the most comfortable as a seat which is really long and has a cut out is actually the most comfortable seat to ride on. It is also good practice to try out a few other types of seats and read reviews online to develop your own taste.

Change of position while riding

Try moving your rear end on the saddle and also not keeping the hands glued to one position on the handlebars. This would only stop the blood flow and your body will get numb if you don’t move it around a little bit.

No headphones while cycling!

Music with headphones is done to turn all the other senses down. This is not a great idea when you’re riding as you may not be able to note when an emergency is happening and a vehicle needs to pass you by.

cycling with headphones

Be aware of rules

There should be proper awareness when it comes to the traffic rules for a person riding a bike. It is imperative to keep in vision all the cars on the road for having a sense of anticipation.

Hold the head high

It is always good practice to look far ahead and that would make the reaction time much faster and a reaction very well informed. A storm drain gate is never good for skinny tires of a road bike and care should be taken while riding.

Reasons Why Hiking Is Good for You


Different types of exercise keep you healthy while also making sure that you don’t get bored of performing those. The phrase “Take a hike!” may not always be a derogatory one as you could always take it as inspiration and actually go and do some hiking! This particular activity is not just healthy but also pretty economical. You get to increase the level of activity you’re having but not beat extra money out your budget. It is a smart move to start out slowly if you haven’t been exercising for a long time and slowly get in shape for hiking as it can get pretty intense. Some amount of research is required and also a good pair of hiking boots must be invested in. A proper health check-up from the doctor should also be done so that they can medically clear you for hiking sessions as they can have adverse consequences if not done in good health.

Lowers risk of Cardiovascular disease

You can get your cardiovascular system up and running in the healthy way by adding hiking to the list of medication you are thinking of taking or are taking. It is shown to have reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke as well.

Lowering of risk of cancer

Cancer is that one evil that is prevalent in the society and needs to be fought and conquered with any and every weapon we can think of. In times like this, hiking can be a good tool to combat this problem as it has shown to lower the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer as well as endometrial cancer.

Gets your spirits high

A good location to hike will most definitely make your mood a million times better than sitting in an office and staring at the computer screen all day. It is magical how easily an activity like this can bring out a change in the way you have been feeling.

Takes away insomnia

Sleeping problems are taking hold of a majority of the new generation because of the workload they face. In times like this, hiking can be used as a good activity to bring about relieve for people who suffer from insomnia.

A good source of vitamin D

An extremely essential nutrient for strength in bones and muscles is Vitamin D. Although supplements are always available in nature, they can never match up to the best source- The sun! Even small hiking sessions of 10 minutes every day bring to your body good quantities of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D

Bone density increases

Diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis can be quite challenging and a way to combat them would be to try out hiking. Bones can develop and become much stronger and the losses in bone density also slow down. Joints get much more flexible and lessened stiffness is experienced by 150 minutes of weekly hiking.


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