Road Cycling Tips for Beginners

The number of people who ride bicycles and bikes or any basic two wheelers are increasing day by day in America and the entire world. There is a global scare about how warming and pollution of different kinds are ruining the kind of environment we inhabit, and if we do not take steps in the correct way, then the damage will be irreversible. If there are a certain set of people who wish to contribute to the Earth by riding bikes or just do it for the sake of their health, then it should be appreciated and helped. Here are the set of tips that could be followed by a cyclist to keep the experience safe as well as enjoyable.

Head protection

This point goes without saying as about 60 percent of all deaths during cycling have head injuries as the common thread. It is a smart move to wear a helmet provided you do not want to be added to that statistic!

Bike fit should be proper

A bike which fits your personality and body will definitely make the ride not just more enjoyable but also easier. The general pain and soreness can easily be avoided by doing so.

Correct type of saddle must be used

A huge difference in the riding experience is observed the moment you change the type of saddle you’ve thought of using. The padding which is the thickest may not be the most comfortable as a seat which is really long and has a cut out is actually the most comfortable seat to ride on. It is also good practice to try out a few other types of seats and read reviews online to develop your own taste.

Change of position while riding

Try moving your rear end on the saddle and also not keeping the hands glued to one position on the handlebars. This would only stop the blood flow and your body will get numb if you don’t move it around a little bit.

No headphones while cycling!

Music with headphones is done to turn all the other senses down. This is not a great idea when you’re riding as you may not be able to note when an emergency is happening and a vehicle needs to pass you by.

cycling with headphones

Be aware of rules

There should be proper awareness when it comes to the traffic rules for a person riding a bike. It is imperative to keep in vision all the cars on the road for having a sense of anticipation.

Hold the head high

It is always good practice to look far ahead and that would make the reaction time much faster and a reaction very well informed. A storm drain gate is never good for skinny tires of a road bike and care should be taken while riding.